Include Kitchen Hardwood Flooring in Your Remodel

Include Kitchen Hardwood Flooring in Your Remodel

Recently, home improvement and decorating resource surveyed users in the U.S. who completed a kitchen renovation project in the past 12 months, are currently working on one or plan to start one in the next three months. Kitchen hardwood flooring was the most popular flooring chosen in remodeling projects.

kitchen hardwood flooring

Here are some of the other findings from the survey:
Kitchens serve multiple purposes: Renovating homeowners not only cook but entertain, socialize, and do work/homework there, with nearly two-thirds spending three or more hours per day.


  • It’s about flow: Half report that kitchens are more open to other indoor spaces as a result of updates; 65 percent of renovated kitchens are open to outdoor spaces


  • Expanding kitchen features: Many are adding dining tables, chandeliers, TVs and desks/workspaces, as well as wine refrigerators and built-in stations for coffee/tea


  • New kitchen, new style: Three in four homeowners are changing the style of their kitchen during updates, with many adopting transitional or contemporary styles


  • Top project trigger — reaching the breaking point: 43 percent of homeowners can no longer stand their old kitchen, up from just 29 percent last year


  • Hiring on the rise: Even more homeowners hired a professional in 2015 relative to 2014

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