Start the New Year with No Fear!

wood look without the worry (2)

Say goodbye to the scary sight of water damage to your hardwood floors with River City Flooring’s waterproof laminate flooring – now available in 5 different finishes! For some of you, the thought of putting laminate flooring in your home might be the most frightening part of the story. Read on to find out why this durable, budget-friendly option has been on the popularity rise with homeowners in San Antonio and Austin.

Laminate for Looks: River City Flooring Waterproof Laminate is available in 5 color and finish variations: Golden Teak, Chestnut Hickory, Driftwood Oak, Beachwood Oak, and the newest member of the Waterproof Laminate family, Whiskey Oak. Our waterproof laminate mimics traditional hardwood flooring’s looks but a completely different construction for long-term durability.

Laminate for Life: Our “Waterproof Laminate” has an authentic, rich wood look but is made entirely from plastic with a sure lock seam and cork bottom.  The sure lock system prevents water from penetrating the seams and the cork bottom serves as a premium underlayment.  In addition to being waterproof, it is also highly scratch resistant.

Our selections begin at $2.59 sq. foot. Browse around the site, and contact us for a fast, free estimate. Plus, when you work with River City Flooring, you don’t pay a dime for your hardwood flooring until the job is completed to your satisfaction. We’re River City Flooring, and we do hardwood flooring right.