Best Rooms for Waterproof Flooring

Recently, River City Flooring added a new line of waterproof flooring to our selection, in five beautiful finishes. Now you can have the look of hardwood in most every room, without the worry of water damage. Our waterproof flooring is also extremely resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for commercial use, as well as a variety of rooms in your home:
Kitchen: Waterproof flooring in your kitchen from RCF gives you the beautiful look of hardwood, while eliminating all those fears you’d have with traditional hardwood flooring in your kitchen: dropped knives, spills, and stains to name a few… Plus, with River City Flooring’s waterproof flooring, you’ll save a lot of money, especially in the larger kitchens commonly found in today’s newer homes.
Bathroom: There’s no better place to take advantage of RCF’s waterproof flooring than in one of the dampest rooms in your home, the bathroom. Go crazy with one of our beautiful finishes.
Laundry rooms: Easy to maintain, you’ll love our new waterproof flooring for your laundry room. From cleaning your dryer’s lint trap to those occasional detergent spills, laundry can be messy. Our waterproof flooring is super easy to clean and maintain – wipe up the spill, sweep up any dust, and run a mop over it, and you’re done!
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