About Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Acacia hardwood floors feature beautiful swirling grain patterns and our popular impact chiseled distressing technique. Available in Natural, Caramel, and Dark Walnut, Acacia hardwood floors add warmth and visual interest to any room.

Ideal For:

  • High Traffic Areas
  • Distress look masks normal wear and tear
  • Never requires refinishing

River City Flooring offers Acacia hardwood floors in two sizes and four different finishes:

What’s the difference between real and laminate hardwood floors?

What’s the difference? Well, laminate is essentially a picture of wood on plastic with pressed saw dust as its core. Laminate soaks up water like a sponge and isn’t any more scratch resistant. (no matter what the sales person tells you!)

Nothing can match the richness and natural beauty of a true hardwood. There are two types of hardwood floors, solid and engineered. Solid floors are just as described, a ¾” solid oak or maple, usually with a smooth pre-finished or a polyurethane “sand on-site and seal” finish.

All of our floors are an engineered hardwood, which is made up of 7-9 cross-layers of hardwood approximately ½” thick. Cross-layering the floor gives it a much higher tensile strength which prevents most of the expansion, contraction and cupping that is prevalent with solid hardwood flooring. Our floors offer a 50-year wear warranty which means you will not be refinishing the floors for a very long time and all our hardwoods have a lifetime structural warranty.


  • Is a picture of wood on plastic.
  • Will get you the lowest return on investment.
  • has a pressed sawdust core and will swell with moisture.

Solid Hardwoods:

  • Often have a smooth sand on-site polyurethane finish.
  • Are more susceptible to expansion, contraction and cupping
  • Will eventually require to be re-sanded and re-finished.
  • Should not be glued to concrete, but requires a plywood subfloor to be laid down first.

Our Engineered Hardwood:

  • Is real hardwood.
  • Is wire-brushed or hand-scraped and distressed which makes it more forgiving.
  • Will not need to be sanded and refinished for at least 50 YEARS and the structure has a LIFETIME warranty.
  • Will not expand and contract and are designed to be glued directly to wood or concrete subfloors.

We only sell premium grade engineered hardwood floors that are “first-cut, first-quality.” We do not sell “factory seconds” or “cabin grade” hardwoods.