River City Flooring – Hardwood Done Right.

When it comes to hardwood flooring in San Antonio, you have options. But there’s only one place where you’ll find an incredible selection of superior hardwood flooring at factory-direct prices, and you won’t pay a dime until your flooring is installed to your satisfaction. We’re River City Flooring, and we do hardwood flooring right.

Our Process

With the other guys, you end up paying a lot of extra money for their inefficient processes. It doesn’t make their flooring any better – it just makes their product cost more. First, the “other guy’s” flooring is imported and moved to a distributor’s facility, with mark-up added all along the way, before a retailer sources the product from the distributor, and marks it up one more time to sell it to you.

At River City Flooring, we buy and stock hundreds of thousands of square feet DIRECT from the factory, with no middle man. Less stops from the factory to you means more money you get to keep in the form of big time savings on your floors. Request your free estimate and samples.

Our Products

At River City Flooring, we only source premium grade, first quality products direct from the factory.

  • Our flooring products are WIDER than standard with widths up to 8”
  • Our hardwoods are 50% LONGER than standard, with lengths up to 70”
  • Our hardwoods are THICKER than standard, offering greater strength and stability