Pre-Installation Guide

Hardwood floors provide a warm and inviting touch to any home.  All hardwood floors have a variety of textures, grains, tones, and colors that are part of the natural beauty of the product.  No two boards will ever be identical.


Please be aware of the following conditions that may exist before and/or after installation:


  • DUST – Dust may be generated from the removing of existing floor coverings as well as cutting and installing the material. Our installers will take steps to minimize dust, however, it is not possible to eliminate.  Tile removal results in significant dust dispersion and precautions should be taken by the customer to cover any appliances, furniture, or other household items the homeowner desires to protect.  River City Flooring LLC does not reimburse for dust clean up.


  • SEASONAL GAPPING – You may notice gaps that appear and disappear in your floor as the seasons change. This is more noticeable in homes with gas/propane heating.  This is a normal condition and cannot be prevented.


  • CHECKING – You may notice right after installation or several months later, some wood boards show minor cracks (checking) in the finish, mostly near the ends of the boards. As the seasons change your wood floor may check.  This is a common occurrence and not a defect.


  • CUPPING – Cupping is caused by changes in moisture in or around the home which in turn affects the wood. Homes that are not occupied year round are especially susceptible to cupping.  Cupping is strictly a site issue and is not covered by any warranty River City Flooring LLC or the manufacturer provides.


  • TEMPERATURE/MOISTURE/HUMIDITY – Wood is a cellular product. It will retain and give off moisture.  Temperature, moisture, and humidity all affect wood.  Ideal home temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees and 35% to 55% humidity.  Changes in moisture around your home will affect your wood floors.  Crawl spaces, landscaping, clogged gutters, sprinklers, etc… can all raise moisture levels around your home, thus affecting the wood.  Everything listed above is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.


  • SCRATCHING AND DENTS – All woods, regardless of type, species, finish, etc…will show scratches and dents. It is impossible to prevent them.  Utilizing mats by doors, keeping your floor swept, using the manufacturers recommended cleaners, and putting felt protectors on chairs and furniture will all help REDUCE the amount of scratches and dents you will see.  Please note, if you have other contractors in your home after the installation of your new floors, ask them to cover your floors with paper to help protect the floors from harm.


  • GRADE/VARIATION/BOARD LENGTH – Some species of wood, by nature, will show lots of color and shade variations. Please remember wood is a natural product and cannot be “picked” through.  Our engineered product comes in random lengths ranging from approx. 14” to 46.”  If there are any questions regarding your selection, please review with your salesperson/estimator before purchasing.


  • MOLDINGS/STAIRNOSE/TRIM – Moldings, stair nose, and trim are made to coordinate with your wood, not to match it. Generally, it is made in a separate factory and due to the variations that are inherent in natural wood; there may be some noticeable difference.  As part of the installation process, we will paint shoe molding with paint provided by the customer that matches the existing baseboards.  Please be aware that we are flooring installers, and not professional painters, and the end result will not be that of a painting professional.  It is typical that moldings will need to be touched up after they are installed which may involve painting/staining the entire baseboard and newly installed moldings.  We recommend that you contact a painting professional for best results as we do not offer touch up service after installation.  If you choose to have us attempt to remove and re-install existing moldings, we cannot be responsible for breakage or the cost of replacement moldings.


  • REMOVAL OF EXISTING FLOOR COVERING – When floors are removed we may discover the need for additional preparation or work not listed on the installer’s work order. Some issues can be corrected by the installer and some may require that you employ another professional trade.  Any additional costs for work that our installer can do will be discussed with you prior to proceeding with the work.  Some possible issues that may be discovered, or that you may already be aware of are:  uneven sub-floors (concrete or wood), cracks in concrete, wet floors, alarm or other electrical wiring, painted or stained concrete sub-floors, or another hidden layer or two of flooring.


  • WALLS/BASEBOARDS – Our installers will use caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls, however, some minor scratching and marking can occur during removal of your old flooring and installation of your wood. River City Flooring LLC is not responsible, nor do we reimburse for minor scratches or marks.


  • PREPARATION – Please remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture, breakables, remove china from hutch, empty bottom closets, remove linens from beds, remove drawers from dressers, disconnect and remove any electronics, computers, TV’s. It is important to have this completed before the installer arrives at your home.  We will remove doors and re-hang them if needed, however, if they need to be cut, the installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them cut.  We do not cut doors.  River City Flooring LLC does not move delicate items such as grandfather clocks, pianos, large entertainment units, computers, fish tanks, and pool tables.  Please make arrangements in advance to have these items moved.  Your HVAC system must be operational for us to install your floor.  The temperature must remain between 65 – 80 degrees.


  • PRESENCE DURING INSTALLATION – Buyer or his/her agent shall inspect flooring material prior to installation for correct quality and color, and shall be present during the period of time an Installer is installing flooring material, and shall be readily available to inspect and accept completed installation. At a minimum, buyer shall be present at the commencement and completion of the job to verify installation area and provide initial and final payment.


  • Delays – Seller is not responsible for Installers unavoidable delays or failures in delivery of Installation caused by strikes or other causes beyond Sellers control and Seller is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damages, for any reason, within or beyond Sellers control.


  • ELECTRICAL/ALARM WIRES AND PIPES – River City Flooring LLC is not responsible for cut, pierced, or broken electrical/alarm wires or pipes that are inside walls, along baseboards, under floors or not in accordance with local building codes.